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    Warranty and after-sales service

    Voltstore offers a 3-year guarantee for new items purchased by private individuals (the 3rd year must be accompanied by proof of original defect) and a 6-month guarantee for companies (or if purchased by a private individual for professional use).
    The warranty includes all parts that have a manufacturing defect, including the battery (if it does not exceed its useful life in number of cycles).
    Wear parts are excluded from the warranty, as are all damaged parts resulting from improper use.
    All servicing is carried out by its team of mechanical and electrotechnical professionals.
    Used items have different warranty conditions, please refer to the general conditions in "FIND OUT MORE".

    We have all the necessary conditions to offer quality products, which are always checked by VOLTSTORE's expert technicians.

    Important: You must not leave your battery uncharged for more than 60 days, as this can cause the battery to reach a voltage below the indicated level, which can damage the battery, in which case it is considered misuse by the user and will be out of warranty. You should not wash your e-bike with a jet of water, but use a damp cloth and suitable products.

    For any warranty situation, please send an e-mail to: [email protected]


    We recommend that you clean your electric vehicle regularly. Do not keep your electric vehicle in direct sunlight, hot or wet environments for long periods of time. Do not aim water jets at electrical parts. If you are outdoors on a rainy day, protect it.

    You must not modify or install parts that are not of proven quality or not purchased from our authorized service centers. Check the brakes, bolts and nuts regularly as they may loosen during use. Any anomalies must be reported and repaired quickly. Each time you use it, you should check: the air pressure in the tires in the case of electric bicycles, electric scooters and electric scooters, the condition of the brakes and the lighting. In traffic areas, avoid colliding with sharp objects, as they will immediately damage the tires.

    As this is a low-maintenance vehicle, the only maintenance it really needs is the usual tune-ups, retightening, tire and brake replacements that can be done at any specialist garage. We strongly recommend that all servicing be carried out at a VOLTSTORE workshop.

    Lithium batteries should remain in normal environments and fully charged. Never leave the battery uncharged for more than 2 months, even if it is not used, as there is a risk of damage to the product and possible loss of warranty.


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    • Call 112 and Voltstore Assistência +351 229 982 536 (national landline)